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Deepfake API beta is ready! And SPECIAL partnership announcement!

Harem Token is dedicated to custom training machine learning algorithms to generate adult entertainment content. In layman’s terms, we train AIs to make porn.

Our flagship product is and always has been our Deepfake API, a “first of its kind” for generative media. The launch of this product in conjunction with our NFT staking platform and studio represents a significant milestone towards the future of infinitely customizable generative media. And after building our GAN prototype, successfully oversubscribing our Seed fundraising round, and months of hard work, we are finally ready to open our Deepfake API to beta testers.

Any Harem Token NFT owner or originator (including those staking NFTs), will be able to claim a Deepfake API access request. This will gain them access to the Deepfake API while it is still in beta, as well as 15 minutes of free API access. This application period will be open from April 16th to April 19th (typeform to drop on the 16th), with beta testing starting April 21st. This initial delay is so that anyone reading this who does not yet have a Harem NFT has the chance to get one. Pepe Claressa Biggens NFTs will be counted as valid NFT ownership for the purposes of beta tester applications. We don’t anticipate the beta being filled, but just in case, we will probably cap this at around 50 individual users (decided on a first-cum-first-serve basis). While the Harem Token team reserves the right to shorten or extend beta testing periods as required, we anticipate that beta testing will last approximately one month.

We will use this period to catalogue and fix common errors in Deepfake rendering, harvest data which we can use to improve various backend algorithms, and collect user feedback before our general launch. The type formfor applications will drop on the 16th.

In conjunction with the release of our Deepfake API beta we have a special partnership announcement that will be of particular interest to our beta testers; WE SIGNED OUR FIRST PORN STAR!

C-Man, one of our more observant telegram members, noticed when this NFT appeared in our staking wallet. Well we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Amber Sparkx! By staking her face on Harem Token’s studio, Amber has become the world’s first consensually deepfakeable pornstar!

mber Sparkx will be making her debut on Harem Token’s studio along with the release of our Deepfake API beta testing, making her the first ever pornstar to intentionally make herself deepfakeable! Amber’s visage will be available as an avatar through Harem’s Deepfake, Audio/Text to Speech, and (upon launch later in Q2) Head ‘n Shoulders animation APIs.

“I am proud to be joining Harem on this deepfake pilgrimage through the infinite, ever sexy possibilities. The future lies in dispensing with the division between fact and fiction.”

  • Amber Sparkx

ps. “O big screen, big screen on the wall, who is the most deepfakeable of them all?”

Harem Token’s ultimate goal is that of an infinitely customizable porn experience. You log in to a platform, pick your favorite video, and only then select which of thousands of actresses (and soon actors) you want to see star in it. The launch of our Deepfake API and our partnership with Amber represent a monumental step in the journey to this goal, and we’re excited to have such great company for the trip. Want to learn more? Join us.

still image from a video created using Amber’s face with Harem Token’s Deepfake API.


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