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Why I Made Myself Deepfakeable — By Amber Sparkx

Harem Token allows performers to “stake their face”, letting a person make their image available as an avatar to all its users for the purposes of being deepfaked primarily into pornographic videos. By staking my face within the Harem platform, I am in essence giving a potentially infinite user base of anonymous persons the ability to use my image as they see fit. To some, this may sound like a crazy idea, but here’s why I am proud to be taking these steps to become “the world’s first consensually deepfakeable pornstar”.

Harem Token’s technology appealed to me as a performer because it let me create content I never would have been able to otherwise pursue. There were scenes my fans and admirers wanted to see that I was unwilling, or unable, to perform. This disconnect between my clientele’s desires and my content represented a loss of revenue and opportunities that, until I saw what Harem was offering, I thought was just an inevitable part of the business. I’ve come to realize since that with modern technology this is not the case.

By staking my face on Harem Token’s platform, my fans have the ability to see me in whatever scene they’d like and I can profit off their desire without having to perform in any scenes I don’t want to. Not only am I now able to make myself available for infinite content creation (and infinite potential profits) but I am able to do so without ever having to tape a single scene. I took a few minutes to record a quick video of myself making facial expressions at a camera, and that was it. Now if anyone wants to hire me for a scene, or even put me in a commercial or movie, they don’t even have to take the time to message me. Just click a button, pay a few dollars a minute, and enjoy my wonderful visage in the video of your choice. All with my express consent, and high video quality. What could be better than that?

In this rapidly evolving media technology landscape, it’s easy to fall behind. Staying relevant and profitable as a performer means staying up to date with the most recent innovations, and passing on their benefits to your fans. As a performer the idea of letting others use your image might sound outlandish, or scary, but I firmly believe that this is the future. We now live in a world where anyone can be deepfaked into a film, and embracing this reality is a must for those looking to stay competitive in this field. Those who stride bravely forward and embrace this change will find a world of opportunity and profit before them, and those who do not will be consigned to irrelevance as their fans seek better and more customizable user experiences.

Further solidifying my conviction is the harsh reality that, as deepfakes become better and better, there is really no way for anyone on the internet to prevent themselves from being used in one. While it is a time consuming and difficult process for someone to create a deepfake, it is by no means impossible. As a performer the best way to protect myself from the illicit use of my image is not through dismissing deepfake technology as a whole, but rather by embracing it. Instead of the time consuming, costly, and ineffective “whack-a-mole” process of monitoring for deepfakes on the thousands of video hosting platforms out there, I am instead providing anyone who wants to see me in a deepfake with a simple way to do so, and positioning myself to profit from the resulting video. All while providing my fans with a better, and more customizable, digital vampiress experience.

Harem’s use of blockchain technology allows performers to stake our faces/image as a NFT. In the near future a performer will be able to track the usage of their image and the resulting revenues through their upcoming dashboard feature. I see this as a vessel for better content creation, and a creative tool with endless possibilities. I stand with Harem paving a new way for us all within the entertainment industry.

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