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What can performers do with Harem?

Harem Token’s goal is a full start-to-finish customizable generative media supply chain, which to the average person sounds like a garbled load of mumbo jumbo nonsense. Accordingly, I’ve decided to write this article that lays out in simple layman’s terms what users and performers can do with Harem.


Harem Token enables performers to “Stake Their Face”, but what exactly does this mean for you? Well, Harem will take the image and/or video that you give us of yourself and make it available as an avatar in our studio, and enable you to profit off its use (whenever a user pays to use your image, you will receive 50% of profits). Harem Token users will be able to use your image for a variety of things including:

  • Text to Speech: Someone will be able to type in a message and receive an animated video of you delivering their message, with up to 150 different accent choices available.

  • Audio to Speech: Same as above except someone can upload an audio clip or record themselves speaking and get the same result.

  • Deepfake: This is still unreleased as of the time of writing this, beta testing is planned to start on the 21st of April. Someone will be able to upload a video and ‘overlay’ or deepfake your face on top of the face of the person in the video. You can find some examples of what our deepfakes look like HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

There’s also the additional benefit of turning your image into a tradeable asset with measurable utility. Before you might have minted an image of yourself as an NFT and sold it to collectors, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But now you can tell any interested buyers that this NFT of you is not just a collectable, but can in fact be used in order to generate passive income, thereby increasing its utility and hopefully its price as well!

Our goal is to leverage our technology to provide you a way to profit off your image, without you having to do more than record a quick video of yourself and mint an NFT. We’ve already laid the foundations of the system needed to enable you to do that, and once our deepfake API is made available for general release you’ll have everything you need to become a star without ever having to get up from your couch. Enjoy!

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